Point 1: Open Government

  • Upload all historical Govt expenses online for the general public to view + new ones all public
  • Allow people to select the projects their tax money is going to fund
  • Open an open source road-maintenance db, and fix roads in the order citizens vote for them

Point 2: Power

  • Purchase hundreds of large generators to provide emergency power to cities 3. Merge BVN with INEC data and announce a 3 year phase out of cash (identity + payments will be one)
  • Remove electricity monopolies and let anyone sell at any price via an auction market
  • Allow states generate power for themselves only

Point 3: Economy

  • Make the internet free everywhere, for starters by paying for it, then figuring out how to do this sustainably
  • Remove all tariffs and age-limit on cars
  • Float the currency while still selling dollars weekly
  • Float the petrol price
  • Setup funds to fund businesses using public pitches
  • Make it legally possible for businesses to crowd-fund in a single day
  • Setup special business accounts with auto-tax deductions

Point 4: Education

  • Declare a state of emergency in education and bring 1000+ of the best educators in world to redesign our system. Goal is 100% education for all, poorest first

Point 5: Human Rights & Healthcare

  • Transfer all prisoners to a single location. Re-examine each case to see if it has merit or not. Free most prisoners, except those with extreme crimes
  • All arrested people are to be immediately published on a website, so their wherabouts can be traced
  • All street children are to be provided with government supplied education with a minimum of 2 meals per day
  • Healthcare for all above 60 will be free. A healthcare village will be provided for those with chronic issues where they can live and be treated.