It has always fascinated me how many famous people in a field come into existence at a particular time. For example, a lot of the great painting masters existed at the same time, a lot of great classical musicians at the same time.

The answer is not too strange: At any one time in the world there are a number of people who are geniuses. Their natural ability far exceeds other peoples own - they have great ability to perceive, great ability to understand and great ability to communicate.

In every era, there is always something that is pushing the boundary of human knowledge and ability. For example, in this modern age is software (and increasingly, AI and Hardware). In the 30s and 40s it was Physics. Some time in the past it was Philosophy and some other time it was Architecture and yet some other time it was Painting.

In each of those Eras, the geniuses among us gravitate towards that field. They push the boundaries, and because their natural ability is greater than that of others, they achieve so much more - they achieve things that last forever.

Some geniuses don't do this however. Through some circumstance of birth, they end up in some other field where boundaries are not being pushed. Their genius gets wasted. You only push boundaries if you can build on the knowledge of other extremely smart people.

So this may be controversial, but I believe it is true. If you feel your ability is far greater than that of the average person, you should always be looking where the worlds brainpower currently is, and also be there. It's where you can make a real difference to humanity.